It’s strange to think the seasons over, but even stranger to think how much things have changed since this exact time last year. This year I went to Suzuka confident, though nervous at the same time as the team I was riding for wanted to only run two riders. This meant 4x 1 hour stints with only an hour in between to recover before the next!

The test at the beginning of the week was hard as the team wanted to do a lot of race simulations to make sure we could get 2 stints out of each tyre due to stock class rules.

Come to the race with all eyes on the win, we were fast enough. Even though we had some strong rivals, we knew our pace was good enough to beat them. My first stint was consistent, but I didn’t feel comfortable and took me a while to get into the rhythm. However, by my second and third stint I felt really strong, only to add with it being a two rider team meaning it’s much more demanding, it meant I always did the second stint on used tyres so I had to ride more conservatively to get the best out of them towards the end of each stint.

By the end It seemed like we had lost time on the first stock little by little, especially with their incredible pitstops. Nevertheless, we ended up 2nd; P18 overall which I’m happy with considering the difference to the top 10 is so big.

I’m so grateful to Zaif ncxx racing for the great efforts and the amazing time I have being part of the team. What a way to end my first season in endurance.