My next race is the final race of the World Endurance Calender in Suzuka on the 28th July this month! I will be going to a test there for three days to setup the bike so its perfect for the race at the end of the month.

The FIM World Endurance Cup is one of two classes run in world endurance racing. The bike is a stock category bike, not a super-bike so teams have less costs but its also closer to the bikes that you can buy in a shop which is what attracts its viewers.

Endurance is one of 4 main motorcycle categories. There’s MotoGP, World Super-Bike, World Endurance and the Road Racing (Isle of Man TT).

As we have just won the World Cup the next step up would be for me to race the super-bike in World Endurance or World Super-bike, right now it looks like it’ll be Endurance Super-bike, which covers 6 Endurance races during the season. 2 in France, 1 in Germany, japan, Malaysia and 1 to be confirmed next year most likely Slovakia.

Next month i shall be attending the Suzuka 8 hour with an attendance of 160,000 and international coverage. Its watched by most bike enthusiasts and is live on EuroSport.